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Aghabani Embroidered Table Runner on Blue Linen

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Introducing our new collection featuring the exquisite embroidery Aghabani, where vibrant threads dance through fabrics to produce one-of-a-kind home linen pieces brimming with grace and charm. The stunning multicolored threads used in this embroidery technique are exclusively found in the Levant and require a specific embroidery machine to be used. Our partner masters this art and employs the necessary technique to create these magnificent linen pieces.

Here is a delightful table runner, where a delicate pastel thread glides through the blue linen in soft loops, resulting in a sophisticated and refined look. The table runner can be used on its own or matched with our lovely placemats and napkins, creating a comprehensive and complete appearance.

We take pride in rescuing all of our linens from European fabric deadstocks, making them not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious. Our collection is the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability. Join us in discovering the magic of Aghabani embroidery and elevate your home decor to new heights with our unique pieces.

  • 150 X 50 cm - 59" X 20"

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