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Classy violet silk pumpkin

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A centerpiece with a woah effect for this beautiful paper mache pumpkin, covered in antique embroidered silk. For me, this is where recycling makes sense. From a private collection of antique Indian silks, I want to reinvent an ethical fashion, where each object is 100% upcycled from long existing materials... These silks are so beautiful, embroidered by Zardozi artisans in India in the 1950s. Whenever possible, we recover embroidery elements, carefully cut them out and apply them to an iron-on backing. Then comes the work of creation where each element finds its place by superposition or juxtaposition while keeping a harmony of colors and forms.
  • Dimensions: 13 cm diameter x 11 cm - 5.11" x 4.3"
  • Purple and ocher Kantha silk; gold and purple embroidery
  • Decorative embroidered leaf

“I bought a lamp at [beyt] and it’s such happiness therapy! I look at it, recognize its beauty and everything linked with it.”