"We see beauty in everything". In what many see as rubbish, we see an opportunity. Our mission is to restore the unseen beauty of the broken and bring meaning through each of our creations.

Our Impact
  • 1/ Preserve a disappearing heritage

  • 2/ Promote the inclusion of persons of diverse faith, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in our work

  • 3/ Respect and protect the environment through a circular production model and through recycling / upcycling all of our products

  • 4/ Restore hope to the future

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traditional house in Lebanon

1/ Preserve a disappearing heritage

Our inspiration started with trying to preserve the disappearing heritage of places like Lebanon, where traditional architecture and structures have been demolished and replaced by high rises. We also aim to preserve traditional craftsmanship and empower artisans in different places.

We upcycle discarded architectural salvage found in scrapyards into one-of-a-kind high-end home decor such as lamps, tables, mirrors, and more!

2/ Promote the inclusion of persons of diverse faith, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in our work

(artisans, service providers, advisers and others) 

Each purchase carries meaning for our artisans and our partner workshops, providing funds to support their families, hope for the future, joy in their work. We like building bridges and promoting understanding between Middle Easterners and Westerners through art.

The aftermath of a long conflict in Lebanon created many challenges:  lack of access to training and employment of marginalized and disabled persons,  little respect for the environment, lingering tensions between different communities. Realizing that we could increase our impact by working with a number of independent artisans who had limited access to the market because of their situation or the context they live in, we travelled the country to meet those artisans. We were especially keen to work with those who were marginalized or disabled - including refugees.

  • We pay our artisans in "fresh" dollars

    The devaluation of the national currency in Lebanon is getting worse by the day, and an exorbitant price increase in goods is putting Lebanon on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The World Bank cites the crisis in Lebanon as one of the worst economic crises in the world since the 1850s. By paying our artisans in hard currency, we allow them to maintain a purchasing power that is less prone to the effects of the devaluation of the Lebanese pound.

  • We help workshops preserve ancestral know-how

    ...such as block printing textiles that would otherwise disappear! Or hand-blowing glassware in century-old factories, lost in Levant. We detail our creative process for each collection in our collections page.

  • We give international visibility to our partner workshops.

    Your purchase has a direct positive impact on the lives of our artisans. Read their transformative stories to see how much art and collaboration have changed the lives of our artisans for the better! We concentrate on bringing beauty out of all the dimensions of our work from the start of the creative process all the way to the end-stage. We see beauty as a therapy, allowing wounded people to create beauty as a trajectory of self-reconciliation.

    How your purchase affects our people 
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“All of our handcrafted products carry a story: the artisan’s story, a craft’s heritage and journey, from Lebanon and France to the buyer’s home.”


Read our artisans' stories

3/ Environmental Stewardship

We prioritize the reuse or transformation of materials in making our products. Over 90% of the contents of the products we have created since we started our company have been repurposed and reused materials. We estimate that well over 250,000 lbs of repurposed raw materials have been used in making our products. We use sustainable cotton and 100% pure linen for our fabrics line. Our handbags are crafted out of Haute couture fabrics and leather from deadstock. We produce on-demand to avoid overstock. We sell mostly online and occasionally do pop-up stores with other creators.

#Upcycling #recycling #environment #ethical #fair trade #purpose #impact

These are the new hashtags in vogue in the home decor industry. They have been at the heart of our mission for so many years! Our challenge today is to stay true to these words and make sure that each of our products meets our vision, despite the political challenges in the countries we produce from. When we design a new collection, we make sure it blends social and environmental impact while preserving a unique savoir-faire.

4/ Restore Hope to the Future

Since 2019, the primary goal behind our new collections has been to bring hope to the artisans we work with. It’s become the single most important thing in our creative process.

From ideation to delivery, we carefully think about how we can restore hope in the future for our artisans and their families. Isn’t it wonderful to know that an object in your home has the power to send hope that transcends borders?

In 2019, witnessing the horrendous economic fall of Lebanon, we launched the collection “A Handbag for Hope”. Using Haute Couture fabrics and leather from fabric deadstock, we partnered with a small workshop in Beirut to transform leftovers into eco-friendly bags. Our bags carry hope and support the work of skilled artisans who live in desperate conditions.

In 2020, we met with women artisans in Lebanon who master the art of wood block printing. Because of the situation in the country, their workshop had no visibility and no hope to sell any item.  Together, we designed an exclusive collection of block print house linen "Fabrics on a Voyage". We supply them with fabrics from our partner who buys deadstock fabrics from prestigious European brands. 

Where can you find us?

We sell exclusively online and through pop-up stores - sign up to our newsletter to know when our next pop-up will be, or follow us on Instagram.

We also collaborate with like-minded French designers to create unique designs that blend tradition with modernity and expand our partner workshops’ international visibility - if you’re a designer and wants to work with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!