Here’s the easiest way to dress a gorgeous summer table 🌸

It's time for joyful summer gatherings - and a table that dresses the part

Summer's here! With the sunshine come festive meals outside with friends and family. Moments to reconnect, share memories, and take a well-deserved break (I sure need one).

 But here's the thing: a basic white plastic table just won't cut it. Think about it: would you eat a meal in a setting that isn't inviting? Like that gloomy restaurant tucked in a dark corner, flies above plates, and a menu from the 1950s.

 Not my piece of cake.

 Our taste buds are triggered by visually pleasing food and settings. So I always pay extra attention to making dining tables beautiful, as an invitation to enjoy a meal.

 But what if you're short on time?

 A quick, easy solution is to dress your table with table linen. From napkins to placemats and tablecloths, any piece can instantly transform any ordinary table into a work of art, reflecting your unique personality and setting the stage for memorable meals.

 So here’s some tips and tricks to help you master the art of easy summer hosting. Bring beauty, elegance and a touch of the Mediterranean in just 5 steps 🌸

Step 1: Set the stage with stunning table linen

Can’t stand that medieval table you inherited from your grand-mother? Hide it with an elegant handcrafted linen tablecloth.

 Love that marble table, the center piece of your dining room? Adorn it with embroidered placemats and matching napkins, or a statement table runner.

 Whatever your needs, easily turn any space into a visual feast for your guests!

Step 2: Mix & match with confidence

Get creative by mixing and matching table sets, placemats and napkins. Curate a table that shows off your unique taste and create a setting that reflects your personal style. From vibrant patterns and colors to timeless pieces, all our designs seamlessly blend and intertwine, so you’re sure you won’t mismatch any pieces.

Step 3: It’s the little details that count

Elevate your table by adding thoughtful details. Use a table runner to create a harmonious, elegant contrast. Incorporate fresh flowers or leaves, use shells as knife holders, or opt for candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Small touches like personalized place cards or textured napkin rings can make a big impact. 


Hint: napkin rings and hammered copper table accessories are coming soon! Keep an eye on your inbox, I’ll let you know when I launch the collection online.

Step 4: Embrace the colors of summer

Celebrate the season by infusing your table with summer colors. Opt for bright and cheerful hues, or use pastel tones. My latest tablecloth sets provide the perfect canvas for experimenting with different color palettes and creating a fresh, radiant vibe.


Step 5: Create memorable experiences


Remember, the art of hosting extends beyond the table itself. Create a playlist that sets the mood, serve refreshing drinks and prepare a menu that highlights seasonal flavors. The love and care you put into dressing your table will be the foundation of a memorable experience for your guests—and a chance to forge deeper bonds.



It’s now time to bring your vision to life. Explore our mix & match tablecloth sets and craft a table that will set you up for cheerful, fierce conversations this summer.

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Did you know?

Our linens are handmade with love by artisan refugees in a workshop in Lebanon, providing them with meaningful work and an opportunity to rebuild their lives.


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