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  • hand blown pomegranate glasses from Lebanon
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Hand-Blown Pomegranate Glasses from Lebanon

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Introducing our newest collaboration with "Les Ateliers de Ty," an eco project located in the south of Lebanon. Our goal is to bring back traditional techniques, such as the art of Blowing glass, which originated in Lebanon and was invented by the Phoenicians. We are proud to offer you these beautiful Pomegranate glasses, hand-blown from Borosilicate glass and intricately detailed to showcase the history of this art form.

These glasses can be used for drinks with a straw, or you can display them as a decorative piece by filling them with flowers. Each pomegranate comes in three different patterns, making them unique and perfect for any occasion. If you cannot find the availability you need, simply send us an email, and we will be happy to order them for you.

By purchasing these glasses, you are not only adding a beautiful and meaningful piece to your home, but you are also supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly project that revives traditional techniques and supports local artisans. Order your set of Pomegranate glasses today and enjoy a charming piece of history in your home.

  • Sizes :
  • Diameter from 8 to 9 cm - 3.15" to 3.5"
  • Height from 10 to 11 cm - 3.95" to 4.3"

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