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  • Vintage Blooms: A Clutch of Joy and Story
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Vintage Blooms: A Clutch of Joy and Story

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Behold, a clutch of vintage grace,                                                                            Handmade with care and a skilled embrace,                                                                     From India's lands of ochre and red,                                                                              Where joyous blooms once brightly led.

An explosion of colors, a burst of joy,                                                                        Embroidered elements with antique employ,                                                                      The fabrics of yesteryear with stories to tell,                                                                      Crafted with love, designed so well.

From France it came, this shoulder bag,                                                                    Handcrafted by Koko with a skilled hand,                                                                           And behold the chain, a copper delight,                                                                    Upcycled from luxury deadstock bright.

So add this treasure to your collection,                                                                               And carry it with pride and satisfaction,                                                                              For this clutch with a story so rare,                                                                                          Is a piece of beauty beyond compare

  • 27 x 15 cm - 10.7" x 6"
  • Removable golden chain
  • Snap closure 

Poem written by Chat GPT… 

“I bought a lamp at [beyt] and it’s such happiness therapy! I look at it, recognize its beauty and everything linked with it.”