Collection: Unique Upcycled Joyful Clothing

Can a piece of fabric make you travel, relive history and help a country in need?

We recycle one-of-a-kind Indian saris of remarkable beauty from the 1950s into unique joyful clothing. Each sari tells a story that has lived and weaved itself through time, transcending borders from India to Lebanon and France: the story of the first artisan who sew it in India, the story of the French art collector who bought it in the 50s, the story of the social entrepreneur who invented a way to give it a second life, the story of the artisans and workers in Lebanon who transformed it into a unique object, and finally, the story of the customer, who will acquire the final piece. Through each object, cultures meet and reconnect. Heritage transcends time and borders.

Our collections of fine reclaimed home décor and slow fashion are made in Lebanon to help with the current economic crisis by creating job opportunities and by using the excellent know-how of fabric sewing in the country.

Unique Upcycled Joyful Clothing

The items in your store were a perfect combination of beauty and inspiration. Each piece we purchased, the lamp and lampshade, glass votives, copper pots and sachets of lavender were beautiful gifts to special friends and family. How you make these pieces of art also made us feel great about how we were helping to make a difference in a small way. We told your stories to the people who received each special gift and how we were supporting our global community and building bridges.”