Customer Testimonials

Our products have been sold to customers in the US, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. Here are some of the testimonials that we’ve received:

The items in your store were a perfect combination of beauty and inspiration. Each piece we purchased, the lamp and lampshade, glass votives, copper pots and sachets of lavender were beautiful gifts to special friends and family. How you make these pieces of art also made us feel great about how we were helping to make a difference in a small way. We told your stories to the people who received each special gift and how we were supporting our global community and building bridges.
          — JILL & LARRY

I bought a lamp at [beyt] and it’s such happiness therapy! I look at it, recognize its beauty and everything linked with it. 
          — LYNN D.

The experience of buying a coffee table from [beyt] is not simply a transaction, but a connection to things that matter in this world. And out of that comes the most incredible beauty — not only in the pieces of art they sell, but in the way they do business.
          — BILLIE J.